The Up4It aaa Leadership Development Program is a creative and innovative strategy to address the poor attendance rates of Indigenous students in regional and remote communities in Australia. The program supports schools to promote attendance, participation, improved behaviours and achievement of goals for students.

The Up4it Leadership Development Program has two modes of delivery:

Remote Community Visits

The Up4it program provides community visits that promote sport, healthy lifestyles, leadership and team development, and works to enhance motivation and self esteem through Indigenous and non-Indigenous role models. The program works in consultation with schools to support attendance, behaviour and engagement in learning strategies.

Prominent community and sports role models deliver workshops, sports coaching and fun filled physical and recreational activities that reinforce positive messages about:

  • Education and Training

  • Healthy Lifestyles

  • Sport and Physical Activity

  • Leadership and Teamwork

Teams of role models deliver engaging sport and educational programs to remote schools and communities in Western Australia’s Pilbara, Kimberley, Goldfields and Midwest regions, the Northern Territory, and at Perth Leadership Camps.

Perth Leadership Camps

The Perth Leadership Camps act as a motivational reward for young Indigenous students in the remote and regional schools to attend school regularly during the year. The consistent visits and participation of locally trained role models reinforces program objectives and keeps community engagement at a peak.


For more information on the Up4it Leadership Development Program or how we can deliver the program in your school, please visit our Up4it Website.


Up4it Leadership Development Program

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Perth Camp and Community Program
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